Things that fascinate me

Plants seem to die in the fall and winter, but grow back plush and green in the spring every year.

My dog communicates what he wants and needs to me without words, and I understand him.

My husband still makes me laugh and smile after 25 years together.

I own 1every comic book I have ever wanted.

I “only” have 4 years until retirement.

I will actually get to retire some day and never work again.

I survived last year’s 11 month health crisis.

I have learned to cook a decent meal.

I manage a unit of people and am a relative expert in my field.

I ever learned to drive.

I’ve lived here 10 years and have only ever met one neighbor…and she moved away.

I can’t build a single thing.

Anyone actually still reads my blog.

7 thoughts on “Things that fascinate me

  1. I am glad you survived the health crisis.

    I thought you were still missing some issues in your Green Lantern collection?


  2. I went about 3 weeks without reading your blog, and I suffered. Suffered terribly. I’m caught up now, and full of fabulous, ready for tomorrow.

    It fills my heart with gladness that you are the perpetual May Day Queen.


  3. For we who do read your blog it’s perplexing that anyone who’s aware of it doesn’t. Or maybe there isn’t any such person.


  4. That’s a really good list there, and congrats on the continued path to getting back to normal health wise.


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