No-Frills Weekend Wrap-Up!

We repaired a bi-fold closet door that had come off its track.
We purchased an attached a new toilet seat in the master bathroom.
We went to the Jewelers so Jeffrey could get his wedding ring re-sized.
We went to another shop so Jeffrey could get his ears re-pierced. (The holes had closed in.)
We planted more Cat-mint out front. (One bush did not survive the winter.)
We planted Rose of Sharon stalks along the back fence (pilfered from My Mom’s yard.)
We had friends over for grilled burgers and cocktails and late night conversation.
We then grilled hotdogs for lunch the next day.
I swapped out some spring dining room linens for some summer ones.
We ordered some summer curtains and a lock to repair our pocket door latch.
We spent a lot of time with the dogs outside.
We napped twice.
This week: I’m cleaning out and reorganizing the master bedroom closet.
Stay safe!

10 thoughts on “No-Frills Weekend Wrap-Up!

  1. You left out the most important activity — how many games of SKIP-BO did you play? We had friends over on Thursday and played Doubles Skip-Bo all afternoon. Plus our usual games just between My Rare One and I on Friday and Sunday. Got to stay sharp!


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