May: A Rebuttal

The usually charming and eloquent Dr. Spo has tarnished his good name and blasphemed the very special month of May, so I am obliged to set the record straight: May is Magical!

May 1st is International Workers’ Day, which marks the anniversary of the beginning of the end of the 12 hour work day and reminds us the power of the working class to have a voice in their own professional treatment and work/life balance. (Now if only we could have another revolution reducing the work day another 33% to 5.5 hours!)

May 1st is also Mayday, marked by dancing around a pole, crowing a queen of May (of which I hold the lifetime title) and gifting baskets of flowers. Poles, Queens,and Baskets. Should we just name rename the month “Gay”?

May 1st is also International Jockstrap Day! Need I say more?

May 1st-7th is Be Kind to Animals Week and National Pet Week. (As every week should be.)

May 6th is National No Pants Day!

May 7th is Free Comic Book Day!

May 21st is World Whiskey Day! (Not so dull now, is it Spo?)

May to me also marks the beginning of summer, when we finally pull out of the rainy, damp, cold remains of winter and our yards are filled with birds and bees and flowers and trees.

And, of course the most important day of May is May 17th, which marks the start of another year closer to retirement for me!

So, sorry Spo. You got this one wrong!

12 thoughts on “May: A Rebuttal

  1. #1: you have a nice sense of humor.
    #2: I didn’t know half of this
    #3: I have the 7th, the 17th, and the 21st down as major holidays up there with Halloween. Blessings to you.


  2. Oh no! You’re not going to make me take sides between you and Dr Spo, I hope?

    I see that you do not belong to all the fandoms, because you neglected to mention May 4.

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    • I would never pit myself against Spo’s popularity…I’d have a better chance arm wrestling the Hulk. I figured everyone knew about May the 4th, Cinco De Mayo, and Memorial Day. I tried to reference the less well known yet no less exciting May holidays.

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  3. As far as I’m concerned, every week is a ‘Be Kind to Animals Week’, though any- and everything which raises such awareness gets my full-hearted approval.

    Of course I’m fully aware that in the U.S. ‘pants’ = trousers, though in the U.K. a ‘No Pants Day’ would imply no UNDERpants, which I’m also all for – and which I’m convinced more men here daily practice than is generally acknowledged.

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      • I suggest a ‘No pants (U.S.) AND no pants (U.K.) Day’! – both applying to all men at the same time, naturally. There just wouldn’t be enough cops around to get everyone rested. Besides, the cops themselves would be expected to comply with the spirit for the day. (“Excuse me, officer. May I just have a closer look at your truncheon?). 🙂 .

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  4. There’s also the Indianapolis 500 during Memorial Day weekend. I’m always up for watching that.


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