The Mans With The Plans

We’ve been discussing lots of plans, in anticipation of Roger going bye-bye. I need to make the most of an ostomy-free life for as long as it lasts, which means house projects, traveling, swimming, sun-cladding, and getting the hell out of this house (and dodge) more.

We have plans for my 51st Birthday in May (P-Town, MA)
We have plans for Jeffrey’s 55th birthday in September (Binghamton, NY to a favorite hotel & restaurant)
We have plans for Thanksgiving (Hartford, CT)

But now we are also discussing:

Who to visit/entertain this summer.
How to celebrate our 25th “First Date” Anniversary in October. (Wow!) (Maybe Rehoboth or Ogunquit?)
Christmas and New Years 2022
Where to go/what to do in 2023.
What to do for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in 2024. (Paris, anyone?)
What our first trip will be after retirement in 2026 (Did I mention we’ve crunched the numbers and Jeffrey and I will be able to retire at the same time? Woohoo!)

There are so many choices and things we want to do and people we want to see. It will hard to pick, but we must prioritize in case our time is more limited than we hope. Of course, COVID, finances, and my available vacation time play a big part in our choices. (My surgery will wipe out 4-6 weeks of time accruals so I’ll have to skimp this year to build up time for next year.)

Other “bucket list” things I want to do (that I’ve never done):

Overnight trip in a train with a private sleeping car and bathroom. (I love trains.)
Fly First Class(I hear it’s a bit better than flying coach.)
Attend Ptown during Carnival (the ONLY time of year I’ve never been there.)
Explore other parts of Canada besides Toronto and Montreal.
Go somewhere, anywhere, completely by myself. (I have never travelled alone in my life.)
Ride in a hot air ballon.
Audition for a Broadway Musical. (PSYCHE! Can you even imagine?)
Meet bloggers I have never met in person.
Attend Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco
Attend Burning Man.

No shortage of ideas, and not sure how many of these plans we can actually make happen, but it’s fun to think about doing each of them.

Where would be the next place you go and /or next thing you do if you had the money, time off, health, and safety to do it?

15 thoughts on “The Mans With The Plans

  1. It’s so exciting to make plans! And I’m happy to hear that both you and Jeffrey will retire at the same time. That’s so awesome!

    I’d love to go back to London, England. A trip to Iceland would be welcome too. The only province in Canada that I’ve never been to is Newfoundland, so it’s on my list too.


  2. I had fantasies about travelling in a hot air balloon, but those are probably dead now.

    I don’t have much of a travel bug but I wish I could go to Costa Rica (not necessarily for the same reasons Maddie wanted to go). That dream is also probably dead.


  3. Ok, I booked a cruise from Copenhagen for the Baltic states for June 2023. Literally the week after I booked it Putin invaded Ukraine. One of our stops was in St. Petersburg. I fear that port won’t happen nor will Estonia(another port call)still be Estonia by next June(same for Latvia). It’s slowly looking like this cruise will be cancelled or turned into a Scandinavian only one depending on how this invasion turns out.
    Have fun coming up with your trips!


  4. My fantasy, is to rent an apartment in France, Spain, Italy, for a month at a time, and live with the locals. I am thinking Spain or Italy in early 2024, I need to retire to make that happen. Paris is wonderful, Rome, Florence, London. Mike Downie just finished a cross Canada train trip, including a couple of long runs in private cabins on long distance trains – amazing and inspiring


  5. Having the plan (and in writing) is perhaps “half” the task. Great job! Best wishes to accomplish and enjoy! At this moment, my plan is to complete this academic year (two more weeks) and have a summer free from work! 🙂 Naked hugs!


  6. I’m looking into traveling by train to visit my son in Denver, CO. I need a room with a bed because for such a long trip, 2-3 days, I need to sleep and since I use a CPAP, I can’t just sleep in a seat. But man, the cost skyrockets once beds get involved. Also, all the trains run from the NE corridor, so I’d have to go north and east before heading west. Though traveling to, say, Albany might be much simpler 😉


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