Gotta find my corner of the sky

I have no shortage of interest. In no particular order: Comic books. Giraffes. Peanuts (the Charles Schultz kind). Crocheting. Trombone. Jigsaw Puzzles. Crossword Puzzles. Board and Card Games. Music. TV shows. Movies. Broadway shows. Coloring Books. Redecorating. Animals. Cooking. Baking. Cocktails. Writing. Reading. Drawing. Dancing. Singing. Humor. Men. Sex. LGBT issues. Human Rights. Nature. Nudity. Learning. Exploring. Organizing. Design. I’m sure there are many more I’m not thinking of. My point is that I do not get bored often, if ever. There is always something of interest to hold my attention or entertain me. (As I diehard collector, maybe I like “collecting” things of interest.)

Unfortunately, I was never able to channel any of these interests into a profession. But if I had, here are some things I think I would have enjoyed doing and/or been good at (or maybe I am doing these things in another universe):

Organizer: I love taking chaos and making it orderly. Closets, basements, collections, cupboards, finances…you name it, and I’ll organize it. I constantly reorganize our house (which drives Jeffrey nuts.) If you can clutter it up, I can organize it.

Down to Earth” Decorator: I always redecorate people’s homes and spaces in my mind. I want to go in to people’s homes and use what they have (and can afford) to make their spaces look as personal, cool, comfy, and functional as possible.

Personalization Artist: I illustrate and design well (self taught) and have always enjoyed doing art projects for other people. While portraits are not my forte (tried – can’t do them) I can draw and paint almost any thing else with great accuracy. I like creating specific, personal, one of kind images or projects for people. Example: I had some friends who bought a bunch of matching linen for their nursery. I copied the design of the quilts and pillows and blankets onto the wall and furniture (drew and panted it) to make a cohesive look in the room. I’ve also designed and created greeting cards, advertisements, posters, logos, t-shirts, murals, and invitations.

Lyricist/Jingle writer: I love re-writing the words to songs, or creating little jingles and making up tunes and am always making up songs about people, places, and things I love, often with humor, but some times with romantic or flirtatious intentions.

Motivational Speaker: I like lifting people up, supporting them in their endeavors, encouraging them, and cheering them on. If they are down, I like cheering them up. I think I’m good at helping peo[ple see their value and believe in themselves.

Speech Writer: Pathetic blog posts aside, I love writing powerful speeches. I am often lecturing and confronting people in my mind, and have written many a diatribe about social injustices.

Problem Solver: This is much more general, but I think I’m a problem solver. When people are struggling or have a problem, I think I’m often good at coming up with solutions (if asked.)

Mixologist: I love making cocktails, and experimenting with flavors.

Pet Daycare: I want to be paid to play with dogs, or cats, or ferrets, or goats, or pigs, etc. all day. Every day. I genuinely love spending time with animals, talking to them, playing with them, petting them, holding them, and making them feel safe and loved.

Gluten Free Meal Planner: I have had to learn to make most things I love, without Gluten, at home. I’d love to make a GF cookbook some day.

Ruler of the Universe: I’m totally hedonistic. You’d love me!

16 thoughts on “Gotta find my corner of the sky

  1. LOL! Ruler of the Universe! Seems to me that would be too big a job. There are specific aspects of the universe I’d like to have more control over, like making all customer service experiences more positive for all involved.
    And honestly, I could use some organizing and decorating help. Maybe when you retire from this job you despise you can have a side hustle as an organizing specialist. That is a real job.


    • Now now now. Don’t get me in trouble with HRH. I merely said I might have been good at it, not that I was vying for it. (Although, if she’s looking for an apprentice…)


  2. Same here. I never get bored. So many things to do and things that interest me. Frustrated right now because of a cataract in my right eye but as soon as I get that fixed. In fact there are not enough hours in the day to do all things want to gdo even though I am “retired” now and I thought I would have so much more time. You’ll find test out when you retire.


  3. When I do get bored, I have to remember there are things I haven’t done in ages that I can partake in. The other day, I started reading some Kindle magazines that I subscribe to but I haven’t read in months.


  4. You are also good at puns and wordplay. I suppose that helps with the jingles.

    You should make some drawings and post them once in a while. That might inspire Debra to do likewise.


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