Comic Caper Question

Walt from WCS posed a great question:

“How do you decide which comic goes on the outside of each box?”

You don’t all assume I just put random comics on the front, with no rhyme or reason to it?


You know me too well.

I actually thought about this a lot, and decided the Comic had to fit into one of three categories:

It had to be a favorite comic series;
It had to be a favorite character; or
It has to have special meaning to me.

BUT, it had to be an issue from the actual box it was facing, so it was still near the series in which it belongs. (All my books are organized alphabetically, then in numerical order.) This helped narrow the choices down, but it still was not easy, and I spent more time deciding what books to feature than I did actually hanging them.

Some were chosen for favorite characters, such as Aquaman, Batgirl, Black Goliath, Dazzler and Firestorm

Some were chosen for Favorite Series, such as All-Star Squadron, Alpha Flight, Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Dial H For Hero.

And some were chosen for special meaning to me, such as Green Lantern 150 and Justice League of America 167 and 200. All 3 are some of the first comics I owned and I read them dozens and dozens of time. I also used them to hone my drawing skills by copying images from the comics.

I know Debra is horrified with the DC heavy representation (only 3 out of the 13 are Marvel Comics) but it will even out once I get to the opposite side of the room.

Thanks for the great question, Walt.

15 thoughts on “Comic Caper Question

    • I’m trying to decide which is funnier, that you think I’m not aware of underoos, or that you think I don’t own an adult pair. I actually have adult T-shirt and underwear sets for Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash and Superman.


  1. I still have two colorful boxes in my home office. One is Robyn Hood, and the other is Harley Quinn. That’s all I got.


  2. I did not read many Dazzler comics but she seems like such a weird character.

    It is difficult to believe that you own underoos. We may require photographic evidence.


      • Alas, I shall disappoint you again. I never got into comics much, and only started reading them in my 20s. Mostly I read collected trade paperbacks, which I signed out from the library. Being a snob, I ended up gravitating to the snooty highbrow stuff like Astro City, and then debased myself with documentary-style graphic novels so beloved by the French. But every so often I fall down a Wikipedia rabbit hole and learn about Black Goliath and friends.


          • Sandman had its moments. One of the few physical comics I have owned was an issue where some creepy dude kidnaps a Muse and sexually assaults her for inspiration. I probably enjoyed Sandman more than Gaiman’s subsequent novels.

            I know I was supposed to like Promethea but I never appreciated it as much as I ought have. I definitely got a creepy old-man vibe from Moore towards the end of the series. I think my favorite Moore production is V for Vendetta, although some of his pre-Watchman work was kind of interesting too — you could see how he was taking the structure of standard comics and subverting them even then.

            Because of COVID I haven’t been to the public library in two years. Once I feel safe doing so I would like to add more comic books to my reading consumption.


            • I’ve read all but Vandetta and can’t argue with any of your assessments. I’m getting comic wood reading your comments and so excited you are also familiar with the medium.


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