Dental Dam(age)

I had a 7:30am Dental appointment this morning. I need two bridges, in addition to the one I already have, one on each side of my mouth.

This is the Thaddeus Kosciusko Bridge, found in the NY Capital District, otherwise know as the “Twin Bridges.” These are much larger than the bridges going in my mouth, I hope.

This morning , they took a mold of the teeth on the right side of my mouth, ground down my two supporting teeth, and fitted me with temporary crowns. I will have to repeat the process in 2 weeks for the left side of my mouth. It’s not an enjoyable procedure, but it’s not as bad as many things I’ve been through, and it’s necessary to replace the two gaps in my mouth with artificial teeth. (I’m not eligible for implants because my compromised immune system puts me at great risk for infection and compromised healing.)

While I felt nothing during the procedure, the numbing agent is wearing off and now my face and jaw are hurting something awful.

I know I’m a pain in the ass. I don’t love being a pain in the jaw, as well.

Please refrain from sending get well caramels, gum, or hard candies until I have a full set of permanent teeth again.

P.S. Alternate titles I considered for this blog post:

“A Bridge (or two) too far.”

“Mind the Gap (in my teeth.)”

“Does my face hurt you? Because it’s killing me.”

” One Queen…three Crowns.”

18 thoughts on “Dental Dam(age)

  1. Get well soon! Speaking of candies…I’ve been indulging in sugar way too much the last couple weeks. Way way too much. I gave up potato chips for Lent and I have replaced it with Whoppers (sp for the chocolate covered malt balls) and gummies.

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  2. So glad you included the alternate titles. All of them tickle me.
    Thank goodness for modern dentistry, even if it is a pain in the jaw. Good luck with the whole process.


  3. Let’s all talk about candy in the comments!

    Thank goodness you have health insurance. Dental work is expensive, y’all.

    You deserve no less than a crown.


    • I couldn’t have afforded this with my insurance alone. I needed Jeffrey’s as secondary insurance, too. My health benefits are great, but my dental benefits suck. (Although at least I have SOME dental insurance.) Uggh!


  4. I’ve got two bridges myself plus at least 2-3 crowns (who keeps track any more?) If it were not for the miracle of modern dentistry, I’d be a toothless hag by now. Glad you’re getting your dental work done too!


  5. I’m getting two crowns later this year, and my wallet is not looking forward to that. Luckily, I can put it off until September.

    I hope you feel better soon. If you can, go grab some Talenti. I love that stuff because it’s so rich. You only need to eat a little to feel as good as if you ate three scoops of ice cream.


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