Ready, set, smile

I was sitting in my living room the other night when the most intense amber light came shining through my window, just as the sun sank low enough to shine through the bottom half of our windows beneath the blinds and through the shears:

This picture from my iPhone could not capture the intensity of the color and light.

I was compelled to step outside and see the sunset, again trying to capture it’s intense beauty:

Again, no justice done here with this pic.

Despite the darkening night and chill temps, I was filled with intense warmth and joy and I couldn’t help smiling and thinking how happy I was that I am still able to be awed by the simple beauty of a sunset.

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that have the greatest impact.

8 thoughts on “Ready, set, smile

  1. Yeah, those sunsets can be really nice. Unless you happen to be driving west on your way home from work during one like I was doing earlier this year.

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  2. I can see the potential beauty there, get a feel for how it might have looked to you. We can sometimes see some beautiful sunsets from our back patio.
    I have never been to The Grand Canyon. I have seen pictures, but no picture I have seen captures the beauty as described by a good writer. Perhaps some day I will go to The Grand Canyon, but I will probably not take any pictures. Professional photographers are much better at capturing that stuff than I am with my puny iPhone. Perhaps I’ll buy post cards. Mostly, though, I want to stand on the edge and admire the live view.


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