Free Time Finale

Today is our last day of staycation. It will be hard to return to work tomorrow but we do what we gotta do. We relaxed, rested, read, watched movies and TV Series, went for drives, ate out twice, did some small house projects, and broke in our new deep fryer. All in all, not a bad vacation for not going anywhere. Still, I wish we could stay on vacation indefinitely.

A local comic shop advertised a copy of issue #1 of the Silver Age Green Lantern series, a series I have been collecting and trying to complete for well over 30 years. there are 224 issues and I had 222 as of earlier this morning, just in need of issues #2 and #7, both quite pricey, even in poor condition. I contacted the shop, confirmed it was still available, discussed it with Jeffrey (it’s a big purchase) and we headed out to be there at noon to purchase it. Here it is:

It was “slabbed” in an air-tight plastic case when I purchased it.
I took it out of the case, because comics are for reading, not for displaying!

I am SO excited to own the first issue, and to only have one more issue to buy before having a complete run. It’s a dream come true for me.

We also purchased a lamp to HI-lite my “Friends” LEGO sets.

Looks even better hi-lighted.

A nice ending to a nice time away from hell…er…work. But Rita’s not too happy about us going back to work.

Her “ferocious face” is the result of her chewing a treat.

17 thoughts on “Free Time Finale

    • Actually, if you remove the sexist interactions with his love interest (Carol Ferris) who’s only purpose is to pine after Green Lantern in these early stories, it holds up pretty well and the GL Adventure portion of the comic could be told today with very little change and not seem out of date.


  1. I’m glad to see this update. On a smaller scale, I felt the same joy when I collected every issue of the Green Lanterns run with Jessica and Simon. Even when she’s chewing a treat, Rita Mae still looks adorable.

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