Frostiana and Figurines

While the new snow is a bummer, it is damn pretty. This was on my way back to my house this morning, after picking up my car from the garage where it was getting a state inspection:

We’re bracing ourselves for another snowstorm Saturday.

Nothing much has happened on our staycation, but I did acquire some new toys:

Earth-2 adult Robin
Wonder Twins with classic traveling firms: Form of an eagle. Shape of water.
Mr. Miracle. 29th acquired Kenner Super Powers figure.
I’ve made great progress on my Super Powers collection. Just 4 more figures to go and I’ll have the complete set of 32 figures. Woohoo!

9 thoughts on “Frostiana and Figurines

  1. I have never seen an adult Robin. He looks so different, wrong somehow, though it’s just that I’m not used to it.
    The snow and frost is beautiful! Here’s hoping for some warmth for y’all soon.


  2. The snow photos are glorious (from my view on the Costa del Sol). I’m sure you remember the basket (and the apparent problems they had hiding it) on Robin the Boy Wonder on the TV series. Looks like Adult Robin was gelded.


  3. That snow looks so pretty! I still sometimes wish I’d get one snow day where I live before I die just to experience it.


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