We celebrated the BFJs 54th birthday today, a bit early because he’ll be away for his actual birthday (March 7th.) We had a lot of fun and the gifts were a big hit. (Whew!) The rest of the day included donuts, episodes of “The Jeffersons” “Archer” and “Vicious”, naps, manscaping, fingernail plush removal, ham dinner, ice cream, cocktails, and Cards Against Humanity.

What a great day with great guys!

13 thoughts on “BFJ BDay

  1. What understated hats!

    “The Jeffersons”? Now I KNOW you are watching television series before your time. I am afraid to revisit that one myself; I worry it aged poorly, although I still use the “But George! You aren’t a millionnaire!” line from time to time.


  2. Happy Birthday Jim! Looks like y’all had a blast. And I love the off-center hats. Tres chic.
    My brother Jim has a birthday this week also, just four days after BFF Jim’s birthday. Popular month for Jims, I guess.


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