Things you can do during a phone conference while working at home that you can’t do if you are working in the office

Paint your nails purple. Yes, I know this is an atrocious paint job, but it’s only my third time ever painting my nails and I am not good at it at all. But I got all these great nail polish colors for Christmas last year, so I need to start trying them out while I’m home and shut away from the world. I don’t know if I’d ever be comfortable wearing painted nails to work or out and about, but I could see it happening, if someone could paint them to look better than this.

The BFJ arrives in about an hour (from CT) for the weekend. We had to cancel our last visit due to his exposure to someone with COVID, so we will be celebrating both a belated Valentine’s Day, and his (early) Birthday ( it’s March 7th.) I also have to take two promotional exams on Sunday (blech!) but an aspiring ladder climber has to do what he has to do.

Stay safe, y’all!

14 thoughts on “Things you can do during a phone conference while working at home that you can’t do if you are working in the office

  1. Good luck on your promotional exams!
    I like the purple. Practice, practice, practice. Did you do your right hand also? That can be even trickier for right-handed people. Although I don’t like wearing nail polish (it makes my fingernails feel like they are suffocating) it is fun to apply the polish. I’ve never been very good at it, though.


  2. Don’t paint by putting the brush down and pulling it back to you toward the tip. First, put the brush down barely near the cuticle where you just need to give it a little push away from you and then pull in back to tip of nail. Maybe look on youtube for turorial. You will get the hang of it.


  3. Oh, that’s an easy fix dear. Always paint in one direction, and take your time doing it. Use a little bit of polish at a time, and I’d also recommend applying an undercoat before putting on the layer of polish. One time I used red for Halloween, and when I removed it I had pink nails for a bit!

    Enjoy your weekend. I may have a very happy post later today.


  4. Making yourself pretty on company time?! Employees are supposed to be creating VALUE for the CORPORATION every single second for eight hours straight, and then spend the rest of their time preparing for the next day of drudgery.


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