The (Non)Jetsetting Life of a Hundredaire.

It was a weekend of errands and chores, which has pretty much been our life lately. Store runs for odds ‘n’ ends on Saturday. House cleaning and laundry on Sunday. It’s not the worst life, but not the most exciting.

We watched “Dune” (the 2021 remake.) I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it. I probably won’t watch part 2 when it comes out. We also finished out another watch through of a favorite (and very short lived) comedy series “Better Off Ted” starring a very handsome Jay Harrington and very funny and beautiful Portia de Rossi. A shame it did not last longer. Perhaps it was ahead of its time. We have restarted Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the beginning, another favorite we’ve watched through several times.

Much to our chagrin, Rita Mae is now peeing and pooping in the house on a daily basis, no matter how often we let her out or how carefully we watch her – she still manages to make a mess, and I do mean mess. While we were out running errands on Saturday, she pooped in the room, where she and Harvey stay while we’re out and about, then stepped it in, and tracked it all over our bedroom floor, throw rugs, comforter, and pillow cases, so we had to tear the room apart, clean it top to bottom, and wash everything. Our house has become a minefield of dog droppings and diddles. We’ve never had a dog that wasn’t housebroken, or stopped being so. I love her, but I hate her current house un-broken habit. We’re at our wits’ end. We don’t know what to do, but it’s very stressful. Sigh.

I cleaned out and re-organized our coat closet, which doubles as our cleaning implement storage (dusters, brooms, Swiffers, and vacuum.) I managed to make some more room and make it a bit less cluttered and more user-friendly.

I sewed a button back on to one of Jeffrey’s flannel coats. (I’m the designated house seamstress) I don’t really sew, I just re-attached the occasional button, and stitch up a hole here and there. Does everyone else have a sewing bucket with needles, pins, thread, and bags of buttons? This seems like a grown-up house staple, whether you use it or not.

I got some Amaretto this weekend and tried a new cocktail (Italian Margarita) but did not love it, so I looked up other cocktails made with Amaretto and found a few I really like.

The temps have remained frigid, so we’ve kept the hearth warm and the fire ablaze all weekend, which makes it all the more bearable to be trapped inside. I won’t miss winter one iota, but I will miss the fires.

We have a full week of work ahead, followed by a week and a half of vacation. We were supposed to be flying to Fort Lauderdale with the BFJ and his hubby, but we just don’t feel safe enough yet to be on an airplane. It would be nice to go somewhere, anywhere, even for an overnight, but we don’t have lodging for the dogs and don’t feel it’s yet safe enough to be out and about at hotels and restaurants among crowds. So we will just stay home and try to enjoy the time off away from work.

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print.

Stay safe, all.

19 thoughts on “The (Non)Jetsetting Life of a Hundredaire.

  1. Oh dear. I hope Rita Mae is okay. I wonder if it’s a medical or behavioral issue? Or age?

    Nothing wrong with taking it easy. I hope one of these weekends I’ll get to do that.


  2. I’m sorry about the situation with Rita Mae. Maybe keep her in the kitchen when y’all go out? Do you have a SpotBot? I think that’s the name of it. My sister- and brother-in-law have one, and it works great for spot cleaning messes on carpets.
    Stay warm!!


  3. We’re having a similar problem with Bert, our 16 year-old feline. He’s taken to peeing indoors, something he’s never done. The vet mentioned the age thing, too. Here’s hoping Rita’s problems are temporary. And yes, I have one of those Danish cookie tins filled with sewing accoutrements. I think it’s the law.


    • Our sewing kit is in what looks like a butter churning bucket. I’ve had that forever and don’t even remember where I got it. Sorry to hear Bert is having the same issue. It is such a tough situation: as a pet owner that loves our pets, we have no choice but to keep loving and caring for them and dealing with the mess; but as a hygienic homeowner, I hate that our house is plagued by animal feces and urine on a regular basis. Once in a while is to be expected as a pet owner, but every day? That’s hard to take.


  4. What publication was it that had as their catchphrase ”All the news that fits we print”?

    So sorry about the problem with Rita Mae. That would be hard to deal with.

    A sewing bucket fill with everything would be a huge improvement here. I have items stashed all over the house — in drawers, in bowls, in boxes — and can never remember where anything is.


  5. Poor little Rita M. She maybe expects a scolding, even a slight one, when she does such? Would hate to see her cowering in a corner, though maybe she’s oblivious to the effect her deeds have.


    • We have not been scolding her, assuming something is going on beyond her control, but it’s getting harder. Maybe not scolding her has led her to believe it’s ok. She doesn’t seem the least but concerned about it. No cowering, shaking, or drooped head. Just stop and squat and move on.


  6. An easier clean up for you, a place for her to retreat to higher ground, part of being alive, things change, things happen. Enjoy you week off, I am still not ready to book an airline trip, and Florida is a bit nuts. I have a professional license in Florida (since 1980.) A few days ago I received an email telling me that businesses were no longer allowed to ask or demand that anyone wear a mask in the place of business. By order of the governor.


  7. My heart goes out to all of you. Have you thought about doggie diapers? Having geriatric dogs (as I do)
    I know that it can be very stressful at times. I am sorry.


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