Frozen and Fine (Fiennes)

Just when the temps were rising and almost all the snow had melted away, this happened:

Back yard blizzard!

Fortunately, I currently work from home and Jeffrey’s office was directed to work from home today, so we did not have to venture out onto the slick and slippery roads. Instead, we plugged away at work all day in our home offices, then enjoyed burgers and zucchini fries for dinner, followed by cocktails and a viewing of “Shakespeare in Love.” (Starring Joseph Fiennes in all his beautiful yumminess!)


Despite the fact that Jeffrey built us a roaring fire, Harvey camped out by the kitchen vent, waiting for the furnace to kick on and bathe him in warm air:

Don’t even think of trying to move me!

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend,

Stay safe, all!

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