New things around the house

We recently upgraded to a 4K /Dolby picture TV for the Living Room. (Thanks little tax return!) The new TV is slightly larger than the old one, but seems much larger because the entire face surface is the screen – no trim. I can’t believe how amazing 4K looks compared to just HD. You’ll have to take my word for it since it doesn’t come across in pictures. The best way I can describe it is that everything with 4K properties (movies and TV shows) looks like it’s being filmed live and almost 3-D. Just amazing.

So sleek and modern. Watching “Finding Nemo” and “Cougar Town” will never be the same again.

We also got these swanky new matching giraffe throws.

Nobody “nose” the (giraffe) troubles I’ve seen…

Did I show off our new recliner in the bedroom yet? We just got the new footstool this week. Love the colors and the size.

aka the reading nook

I had to upgrade my copier/printer/scanner. My old one was a Canon , as well, which worked great for years – until it didn’t. Since I work from home for the duration, this is a critical piece of equipment. This new Canon is supposed to be the most compatible for a Mac. So far, so good.

Not built for butt scans.

We also have some new Gin concoctions. My eldest brother sent Jeffrey a couple of infusion kits for various holidays, so we finally cracked open the kits and infused some gin. Here are some of the flavors we used/blended:
Juniper Berries
Lemon peel
Grains of Paradis
Angelica Roo
Cubeb Berries
Blue Tea

The amber ones are very flavorful, with savory spices. The middle one infused with Blue Tea mostly just changed color with the barest hint of an infused flavor.

All this stuff is so grown up, so I needed a new whimsical something to balance it all out. This is what I decided on:

I know what I’m wearing for the next “Say Something” Hat Day”!

And, while Rita Mae is not new to the house, this sleeping position of hers is!

No worries, I dragged her back onto the sofa proper after taking this pic before she fell on her head.

18 thoughts on “New things around the house

  1. Is today Hat Day on the blogosphere? It looks good on you, albeit a bit understated.

    If I did not know better I would have assumed those throw rugs were nearsighted cows. (Heresy)

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  2. OMG Rita Mae! I’m glad you prevented her from tumbling onto her head.
    The chair and foot stool look really good with the paint color, too.
    I’m not sure what to say about that hat. It feels like I should comment, but words escape me.


    • Good question. The chair is a perfect size for that corner, but there’s not really room to recline. It just happens to be a recliner. So we got the footstool. We could pull the chair out to recline if we really wanted to. Plus, I love the look of the orange stool with the yellow chair.


  3. I must have been living under a rock. I have never heard of gin infusions.
    I have a Brother printer and for some reason, it is no longer picking up my WiFi. It picks up the neighbors, almost all my neighbors, but not mine. Sigh. And it works on WiFi in order to print. It’s not even 3 years old. Luckily I don’t need it that much. Sigh.


  4. I’d wear the hat to the next Zoom department meeting. Maybe I should declare next weeks staff meeting silly hat day? I bought a Canon PSC last summer, it works well.


  5. I love the new additions, and I agree 4K is something else. It’s why I love my PS5.

    How long did Rita Mae sleep like that without falling? That takes talent.


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