Sunday morning musings

Our back yard this morning as the sun struggles to shine in 16 degree whether.

There are only two of us, but we have 37 coffee mugs. Every time I go through them to get rid of some, there are none I want to get rid of, even though we have favorite mugs and never use any of the others. Why is that?

We have hundreds of digital movies and several streaming services, but I spend more time scrolling through them all to find something I want to watch than actually watching anything. Why is that?

A 75 degree day in the summer makes me sweat uncomfortably and I’m miserable. A 75 degree house in the winter, especially if it’s heated by a fire in the fireplace, is comfy and cozy. Why is that?

I love peaches, but loathe peach flavored drinks and food. why is that?

I always have a bunch of things I want to blog about, but when I sit down to write a post, my mind goes blank. Why is that?

8 thoughts on “Sunday morning musings

  1. Peach flavored things aren’t actually peaches. That’s my take. Let me tell you, though, here in South Carolina we get some amazing peaches in the summertime. They’re grown all around us, within 30-40 miles, and are available at that fruit stand in the parking lot of where the Food Lion used to be. You know, out toward the old Walmart, just across from the mall?

    Remembering what to is a struggle for the ages. What did I come in this room to get? What is it I need from this grocery store I just walked into? What was it that I wanted to blog about?

    I do the “look for a good movie to watch instead of finding a movie and actually watching it” thing. A lot.

    I’m at the age where 75 degrees is just hot, no matter what, when, where.
    Stay cool, my friend!


  2. If it makes you feel any better, I live by myself and I’m *down* to a dozen coffee mugs. I had to toss out a half dozen when I moved due to storage space.

    FYI I think I’ve only used half of them.


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