Waste not, want not

This past week, we made a pot of Vegetarian Chili for dinner.

We had lots of leftovers.

Two days ago, we repurposed the leftover Chili and made Chili, Mac & Cheese for dinner.

We still had lots of leftovers.

Tonight, we repurposed the Chili, Mac & Cheese, made from the repurposed Veggie Chili, to make a 4 layer dip:

Layer One: Chili, Mac & Cheese

Layer Two: Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Layer Three: Sour Cream

Layer Four: Salsa

It’s pretty good. If we don’t finish it tonight, we may be having repurposed Veggie Chili Mac & Cheese Four Layer Dip Burritos for dinner this week.

Unless I can find a way to repurpose it into a dessert.

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