Quick Hello!

It’s been a week. Work has been kicking my arse and I came down with a cold. Of course, being the age of Covid, I took an at home Covid test just to be safe (it was negative.)

We’re getting inclement weather this weekend starting today: freezing rain, sleet, snow, and sub-zero temps. The BFJ cancelled plans to visit this weekend, which is disappointing but completely understandable. Better he is safe than sorry.

I shared the pic above with the gang of friends I send “Good morning” texts to every morning. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to share it here.

Stay safe, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Quick Hello!

  1. Sorry to hear about your cold and the bad weather. Friday is coming…..that is a good thing!
    Hope you have plenty of food and alcohol to get through the weekend. Remember alcohol kills germs and thus should be consumed regularly. Hope you can snuggle in front of the fire with all your loved ones.


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