Rita Mae be OK

Daddy and his girl.

Rita Mae went to the vet today.

She’s been doing doodles in the house more often (she’s housebroken and NEVER did this before), she seems to have trouble seeing, she often stands still staring at walls, and sometimes she seems to have a little trouble walking first thing in the morning. Internet research suggested she may have arthritis and/or early onset dementia.

After her check-up, including blood work, the vet determined her condition is non-serious, but untreatable:

She’s old. (She’s 12.)

However, he said she’s very well behaved for a dog her age (apparently female dogs her age can be a bit more rambunctious and irritable) and her weight is excellent (which is shocking given our family disposition for a sedentary lifestyle.)

We will try some meds the vet gave us, that may help with her possible arthritis/joint pain but, other than that, we will just have to accept that her less than exemplary behavior is just part of her aging.

No problem. Her infirmities only make me love her more, and I’m glad we are the ones who get to care for her in her senior years. She is, after all, our little girl…

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