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When all your time is spent at home, and you blog, it can be very difficult coming up with interesting things to write about. I may have to get one of those lists of questions and topics bloggers sometime use to inspire posts (I’m open to topic suggestions.) Until then, you have to sit though yet another boring post.

Today’s Topic: Little things around the house I/we use in our daily lives that I appreciate because they improve our quality of life in some way. This, of course, is just a sampling:

These little onion and tomato savers are great. We use tomatoes and onions in almost everything we make and eat, and our remaining parts of both foods often becomes soggy and mushy in baggies and Tupperware. These little sealable containers are perfect for keeping both partially used food items fresh and form and ready to be used in our next meal.

Our Keurig. We switched to one pod at a time coffee making for several reasons:
1. When we first got it, I was the only coffee drinker in the house, so we were wasting brewed coffee every morning if I didn’t drink all the coffee I brewed. (And it was hard just brewing for one at the time.)
2. Guests never allow us to brew a fresh pot of coffee if they want some at any time other than during breakfast, (Oh, no, don’t brew some just for me) but they won’t hesitate to accept our offer for a cup with our Keurig. (I try to be the consummate host – my guests should get what they want!)
3. Even though I prefer non-flavored coffee, l love that I can get a variety pack of coffee flavors when the mood hits and try them without committing to a hole box or bag of a flavor I may decide I don’t like.
4. It is great for making soups, coffee, tea , and any food or drink that requires hot water be added.
5. It is portable and easy to take with us to hotels (or camping when we used to go) because we’re spoiled and like the ease and convenience of a quick and immediate cup of coffee. However, we no longer camp, and more and more Hotels, Inns, and Lodging provide Keurigs, so we rarely need to bring it anywhere anymore.

Our Ninja Foodi. I wrote about it when we first got it, and the love has not waned at all. We still use it almost every day, and cook everything and anything in it we can.

This all-in-one bedside charger charges my iPhone, Apple watch, and earbuds at the same time, all in one place. Its easy to mount my items on their corresponding chargers and it takes up very little room on my nightstand. And it’s all right there for me in the morning to grab and go when I get out of bed.

This is one of two doorstops we installed on doors in our home that do not stay open: one on the upstairs guest bathroom door, and this one on the door heading into the basement. Sadly, we did not think of installing these until just this year (we’ve lived here for 10 years,) but what a big help they are when we’re cleaning the bathroom or bringing things up from, or down to, the basement.

This is a battery operated motion-sensor light we just “installed” two weeks ago in our coat closet (which doubles as the extra booze storage larder, as you can see.) We just attached it with Velcro, so didn’t even have to break out a screw driver. We love that it’s bright and motion activated. No more digging around in the dark for the right coat, hats, scarves, gloves, or the right mixer or bottle of booze.

This is my ostomy supply cart. It’s easy to keep everything out an organized, it’s easy to tell when I’m running low on supplies, and it’s light and on wheels so it’s easy to move for cleaning or roll into the en suite walk-in closet out of sight, in case we have guests that might be using the master bathroom.

And my final “make our lives easier” items of the day: doggy stairs. The ones in the master bedroom (far left) we got shortly after we brought Harvey home, because the bed was just high enough he could not quite jump up on it. Both he and Rita use them to get on and off the bed, exclusively. The ones in the living room (middle and on the right – which Rita so graciously posed for), we got in more recent years for Rita Mae, who started having trouble jumping up onto the sofa and love seat (which, by the way, is now a lounge, thanks to our super cool convertible Lovesac furniture).) Even though she could still make it once in a while, she slipped or fell off more often than not. These steps allow her to get on and off the furniture with ease, without help, which she does zillions of times a day because she has become restless when she is awake and spends the day wandering.

What items do you have in yur house that make your life easier?

15 thoughts on “Helpful Home Items

  1. I love it all. We recently got an Instant Pot and really like how quick and easy it is to cook certain foods with this devise. We fixed a big full “dinner” (lunch) today, invited a friend and her kids over. The 4.5lb whole chicken cooked in the Instant Pot in less than 30 minutes. It would have taken at least twice that long in the oven. And it freed up the oven for other tasks.

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  2. My hats is off to you for the Keurig. I have tried it at friends house many times…and i just can’t get pass the taste of any I had. Im a coffee snob I’ll admit it. I need by slow brewed coffee. And i swear by Ethiopian Yirgicheffe.

    And i have the same lights in all my closets. There the best.


  3. Not boring. A fun and practical collection. We had library stairs for one of our cats in California. We had a huge, tall, sleigh bed and, even as a young cat, he couldn’t jump up to it. He was never a jumper. However, it took 6 months plus upholstering to get him to use the stairs. AND, I finally had to hold him and “walk him” up the stairs to get him to use them.

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  4. I love the items you shared with us.

    What do I have? The PlayStation 5 allows me to play games whenever I want, and on some days it’s a lot of gaming since I can’t really go anywhere during this pandemic. My Surface Pro 7 allows me to be on a PC anywhere in the house, which will come in handy on those days when I work from home. I also love oil misters. Rather than wasting oil, I can always mist the right amount on things that go in the air fryer (canola) or cooking pans (extra virgin olive oil). I used to have pet stairs, but this new bed is low enough for Terri and Torrie to jump on it.


  5. Tanqueray . . . yum.

    Our pandemic-inspired Soda Stream has been great. No more late-night excursions to the corner bodega for seltzer water.

    I like to read about how folks get into blogging.


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