Clean Living

I wish this was my Houseboy!

Company’s a coming so I have been cleaning house like a mad fool. How does this house get so dirty when we have no kids and all we do is sit around and watch TV?

We are having friends over tonight, for cocktails, whom we have not seen in over 2 years…and they only live 10 minutes from us. We’ve stayed in touch via text, but that’s just not the same. We are all triple vaccinated and, after some discussion, we decided a visit was a much needed respite from our mutual self-imposed isolations.

Aside from the BFJ, this will be my first visit with friends after getting Roger. He’s been pretty quiet all day, but that may just mean he’s planning something. I hope he behaves tonight.

9 thoughts on “Clean Living

  1. Whenever I see a man hoovering, especially one like this in a state of undress, I can’t help but think of those stories one occasionally read – which still occur once in a while – of a naked man being taken to hospital with his ‘appendage’ trapped inside the hoover’s nozzle, which he can’t detach himself from. His explanation is always that he just ‘happened’ to be hoovering naked when it got sucked in. (Yeah. right!) .
    All I can say is that it jolly well serves him right! (Tee hee!)

    And Roger? Who he? One of the multitude of things I’ve clearly missed out on. Must investigate.
    Have a LUVERLY evening.

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      • Ah, now I see (though not very clearly!). And here I was, hoping that Roger might be another four-footed friend for you to send a photo of. But now you needn’t bother, though I know you’ll have to take care of ‘him’ at least as much as R.M. and H. Yes, I hope too that ‘he’ behaves himself tonight. Best wishes

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  2. I might be interested in hiring that house cleaner, the “maid” services here look nothing like that. In time Roger will be just another guest at the party, on occasion a little rude, but a part of the family. It is good to hear you are feeling well enough to have guests.

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