We’ve been enjoying our long weekend so far.

Saturday we went on a small outing, despite the frigid temps, as I was getting stir crazy not having been out of the house since New Year’s Eve, other than to check the mailbox and let the dogs out. We made a visit to Hallmark (fully masked with KF-94 masks – not the best ones available, but still much better than simple cloth masks) and went in, since the only other people in the store were the two staff members behind the counter. I got a handful of Superhero Christmas ornaments at 75% off, and a Jim Shore Rudolph figure for 30% off (that will go nicely with my Rankin/Bass Christmas collection.)

Then we stopped at our local fresh seafood market (where we were, again, the only two people in the store besides the one staff member behind the counter) for some Swordfish Steaks, Chilean Sea Bass, Snow Crab Legs, Asparagus, and (Gluten Free) Rhode Island Clam Chowder.

Our final stop was at our local butcher shop for some Filet Mignon, Cheese, and a few Vegetables. This shop was more crowded, but we were in and out very quickly.

Last night, for the first time in 2 years, I enjoyed a lovely medium rare Filet Mignon, grilled to perfection on our Ninja Foodi Grill, with grilled Asparagus, and a lovely Cabernet Sauvignon. (I have been able to handle eating and digesting beef of any kind due to issues related to my Crohn’s.)

Today, with the temps still frigid, we stayed in and enjoyed a lovely breakfast while watching episodes of “Peacemaker” on HBO Max. It’s a pseudo-parody comedy drama superhero series based on a DC Comic Book character, although he was originally owned by Charlton Comics. (If you like seeing John Cena run around in his underwear a lot, this is the show for you.)

Then I took an updated inventory of my Christmas Jim Shore Peanuts statues (I keep a list on the Reminders app on my iPhone, with titles and pics of each piece, to avoid buying duplicates.) After that, we settled in by the fire with the pups, to watch a favorite movie, “The Fifth Element”, during which I fell asleep and enjoyed a good, hour-long nap.

After waking up and getting my bearings, I had a FaceTime chat with the BFJ, then had a quick dinner of fish, tossed salad, and clam chowder before whipping up a cocktail (Blossom Fizz with Tanqueray Sevilla Orange Gin) and settling in for another evening of viewing episodes of various favorite Television shows by the fire with the pups.

Tools of the trade for a Blossom Fizz:

1 oz Tanqueray Sevilla Orange
.5 oz Triple Sec Liqueur
2.5 oz Orange Juice
.5 oz Lemon Juice
Shake over ice, then add:
2 oz Club Soda

I suspect tomorrow will be more of the same. I can’t wait.

Stay safe, all.

3 thoughts on “Satur-dalliance

  1. It all sounds lovely!
    Superman can’t comfortably digest beef anymore. Pork is fine, but beef just doesn’t agree with his system. I stopped eating red meat (most of the time) many years ago.
    We had broiled fish for lunch today. It was yummy!
    Hope the rest of your weekend is as lovely as this. Hugs!


  2. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying life again. There is a way to make cloth masks work, but it involves using two multiple layered ones and putting the top layer in the right place to make it properly seal. It can be done.

    Oh, I may be buying a Ninja AF soon. The one I have is now cooking inconsistently.


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