With friends Like These…

The BFJ drove down from CT early Saturday morning for a quick overnight visit to help me/us with a few house projects since I still have to avoid lifting anything over 5 pounds and have to be careful with my physical activities. He arranged all my (non-Christmas) Jim Shore Peanuts figurines in my dining room curio cabinets (he has a decorator’s eye), and helped Jeffrey reconfigure our living room love seat into a Chez, then helped him swap its location from in front of the living room windows with the matching green recliners that were stationed between the living room and dining room. We repaid him with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktails, and a hysterical late night game of Cards Against Humanity, which we have not played in over a year. He headed out at 4:45am this morning (yikes!) to get home before the impending sleet storm and thankfully made it home safely on dry roads before it started.

While here, he and Jeffrey created a work of art on our refrigerator dry erase board which the built on throughout the day. Jeffrey started it, and the BFJ added to it. It was hysterical and had me laughing all day long every time I saw a new edition to the picture.

Picassos they’re not!
  1. The guy on the far left is me, with a cocktail shaker and a martini glass (we’re all holding one.)
  2. The smile on my side is my stoma, which the BFJ named “Roger” this weekend.
  3. On my left is a table with a sweet cherry pepper on it. (I had just eaten one that day.)
  4. Jeffrey is the tall one in the middle; the BFJ is on the right.
  5. we are all smiling because that is our second cocktail.
  6. Harvey is on the left; Rita on the right (see the Rita ears?)

It was good to laugh and just have a great day with my two favorite guys.

Today, we stayed in and avoided the icy, sleet-laden roads (not that we would have been going anywhere anyway.) We built a fire and watched some cartoons, had a late breakfast while watching the new “Matrix” movie (meh!) then we did some chores – laundry, bathroom closet rearranging, ostomy supply cart reorganizing, closet reorganizing, attaching a “kick stand” door-stop on our basement door, and moving all of our Christmas themed clothes upstairs into the giraffe-themed guest room closet.

Speaking of Christmas, I got these two gifts for X-mas as well:

A friend gifted me this child’s giraffe costume given to her by a friend, so I put it on my big stuffed Ikea Bear (named “Bear” because I’m so imaginative) and he sits on the rocker in our bedroom.

Tonight, we had a nice dinner of pasta and mozzarella bread, and now we’re ending the evening by the fire with the pups, re-watching Reno 911 episodes and not thinking about going back to work tomorrow.

I could definitely use more weekends like this.

Stay safe, all!

10 thoughts on “With friends Like These…

  1. Sounds like a lovely fun and productive weekend. And I think it’s hilarious that Jim named your stoma. Which is funnier, that he named it in the first place, or that he named it Roger? I like Jim. It’s important, imho, to have a sense of humor about these things.


    • I think its both funny he named it, and that he named it Roger (for no particular reason that I’m aware of.) I have to have a sense of humor about this (and my health in general) or it would cripple me.


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