The New (Old) Normal

Almost everything is back to (non-holiday) normal at the Sassypad. The only thing left to do is to change the white Christmas curtains out for our normal curtains (which we will do tonight,) and take down the outside lights along the rim of the roof, which we will do when it’s warmer out. Everything else has been carefully and methodically packed away into bins and stored back in the basement,

Home Sweet Home!
The boys are back in town!

While I will miss the white lights glowing every night. I actually love how our house looks when it’s not decorated, too, so it’s not as depressing for me to take down Christmas decorations as it may be for others. And it’s nice to have the daunting task behind us so we can get back to doing what we do best: resting, relaxing, and rubbing the bellies of our puppies. Speaking of which…

I posted this picture of Harvey on Facebook last night:

My super awesome big brother, who is great with image manipulation, turned it into this awesome wanted sign:

I am planning on printing, framing, and hanging it.

It has been snowing here all day, quite lightly, so we only have about 3 inches of accumulation. Fortunately, we hired our lawn guy to also be our snow shoveling guy, and he came with a snowblower and shovel to clear off our driveway and front porch. That will be a huge asset this winter, especially since I can’t be shoveling snow right now, and Jeffrey would have to do it all by himself.

This weekend, the BFJ is driving up from Connecticut to help me rearrange my Jim Shore Peanuts display, now that I have a few more pieces that I received for Christmas.

Otherwise, I plan to enjoy a roaring fire, some cocktails and or wine, some sushi, and a few other treats this weekend.

Stay safe, all!

10 thoughts on “The New (Old) Normal

  1. I love that wanted poster. I’m sure one for Rita Mae is coming soon.

    It’s nice to get back to a normal routine. Enjoy the weekend!


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