Furry Friends and Food Runs

First and foremost:

Happy 10th birthday to the incomparable, adorable, Harvey. He’s been our little buddy, protector, companion, and source of endless joy and affection for just a few weeks shy of a decade and we couldn’t be more grateful to have such a wonderful furkid in our family and home. To celebrate, I am working upstairs from the sofa today so he can hang out with me (he is not a fan of hanging out in my basement office) and we have a special meal planned for him tonight.


We went grocery shopping last night. I haven’t been grocery shopping in months and not more than once or twice in the last 2 years. We’ve been getting home delivery, or Jeffrey has run out for staples as needed. But our last couple delivery orders had multiple “unavailable” items, so we decided to head to a larger store last night to get what we need for the house and the holidays before the “Christmas Rush”. While we pretty much got everything we wanted and needed, I did notice a few odd things:

  1. There was no Roast Beast…er, I mean Beef… to be had anywhere. Not at the deli, or pre-packaged, or in the butcher counter, or anywhere. Is there a shortage of Roast Beef?
  2. There were no Tater Tots. (We like using these to make Hash browns on our waffle iron.) Again, is there a shortage of these I’m unaware of?
  3. The Gluten Free shelves were gutted. What’s up with the sudden demand for Gluten Free Items?!?!?!?

Still, we managed to survive the experience with little drama or fanfare. I definitely had sticker shock when I saw the total. Groceries have skyrocketed in cost. I haven’t notice, buying just a few items along the way, but it was obvious doing a major grocery run. Uggh! It’s finally safe for me to eat again, but now I don’t know if we can actually afford to do so. *smirk*

Stay safe, all.

18 thoughts on “Furry Friends and Food Runs

  1. I go grocery shopping almost every day. Partly as an excuse to take Bill for his daily ride and to just get a few items. Yes, even though I only get a few items(I always qualify for the Express checkout), I’ve noticed the dramatic increase in prices. Thank goodness they always have my French baguette loaf available. Happy birthday to your adorable Harvey!

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  2. Happy Birthday, Harvey!

    As for food shortages, I wonder if location matters? I shop at a Vons that is near businesses and they seem to be stocked on just about everything at all times. I know in my old ‘hood that wouldn’t be the case at Uncle Albertson’s.

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  3. Harvey is adorable. Happy birthday to him!
    How strange about the shortages, although I don’t know how any market can manage to keep up with the Tater Tots demand. We haven’t had shortages of things since the very start of the pandemic. Apparently during lockdown, it was impossible to keep baked beans on the shelf. Not purchased by Spaniards, but apparently British expats hoarded them. While locked in their houses!

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  4. I was anxious yesterday going to the grocery to get my items for Christmas, for there are regular empty shelves or some of the more popular items. I was surprised to find I got all I needed but buttermilk. It is curious to see what is not there; I don’t know why not. Presently there are no noodle/pasta – other than gourmet types so there is that.
    I too was curious about the lack of gluten-free items. In our store all the ‘organic health stuff’ is quite plentiful, as people apparently won’t pay for them.

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  5. Awww Harvey! I hope his special day was great!
    Beef has suddenly become an endangered species, if the price is anything to go by – which is odd considering we live in the middle of cattle country. I haven’t noticed any cows acting extra special, but there you go. In this neck of the woods, the stores are stocked, but you have to get there before 10 am or the locusts will have cleared the joint out. Its not even because of the holiday season – it’s just been that way since Covid: Part One. And it pisses me off that I have to get up before 10 am to buy groceries, dammit.


  6. Yeah i get grocery delivery here. It’s like there’s a high demand for sugar too. Egg nog for the sake of a non existent deity isn’t available. Now i know how to make my own. But even milk, butter and cream unavailable


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