No news is good news?

Sorry for the lack of substantial posts…not much is happening in my world these days. We get up, get ready, go to work (Jeffrey to the office, me to the basement), come home (or upstairs as the case may be) make dinner, watch TV, have some wine or cocktails if the mood hits (which it often does), go to bed, and then do it all over again the next day. There’s hardly a change to our routine, save for the occasional medical appointment or very rare visit with a friend or family member. We are so ahead of the game with shopping, wrapping, cards, and decorating for the Holidays this year that all we have to do now is sit back and enjoy the lights and decorations.

Mind you, I’m not complaining. After the hell of a health year I had, just being able to go through my daily routine without pain or incident is a welcome change and status quo. I’m adjusting pretty well to my new reality, and other than a very minor issue (that my surgeon assures me is a non-issue that will correct itself over time) I can’t complain too much. Rather than dwell on what I’ve lost or have to do now, I try to focus on what I’ve gained and get to do now.

Unfortunately, all this hum-drummery does not an interesting blog read make. The best I can do is post pics of my frikkin’ adorable dogs (see below), confirm I’m still doing well (I am), and thank the Universe I have no bad news to share (There isn’t).

Stay safe, all.

17 thoughts on “No news is good news?

  1. Given the roller coaster your life has been this year…..I am glad to hear that all is quiet.
    You have gone thru a lot health wise and yet you seem to remain optimistic and healing quickly.
    I am so impressed and happy for you. Love the pictures of your pup. Glad you have time to relax and enjoy the season.


  2. Simply the fact that you aren’t in excruciating pain is the most exciting news you can share, imho. And cute dog pictures are always a thrill. I’m so happy that you are doing well now, free from significant pain, and adjusting to your new normal. It’s all wonderful.


  3. Every one of your posts has been substantial. Have loved all the Christmas decoration posts. I might just hang those photos around our house and pretend we decorated. Glad you have so much to celebrate now… and that you’re able to focus on all the good. You are an inspiration.


  4. I often say the blogs reportedly as ‘boring’ describing the mundane are my favorites. It is like calling a dear friend (hey that’s you!) and hearing ‘oh nothing much’ for 20-30 minutes. I love it so.


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