Good friends – great gifts!

I got some get well gifts today, delivered by the BFJ who’s here to visit this weekend.

A new crocheted X-Mas giraffe from friend Karen.
A new X-Mas giraffe sweater from friend Susan.

Of course, martinis are a must when the BFJ visits. Tonight’s featured cocktail is the Chocolatini, which we discovered last year:

2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

.25 oz Vodka

.25 oz Chocolate Liqueur

Cocoa powder

Combine Baileys, vodka, chocolate liqueur and ice in shaker. Strain into martini glass. Dust with cocoa powder.

What a wonderful end to the (2 day) work week!

7 thoughts on “Good friends – great gifts!

  1. Yay! Hi Jim!
    I absolutely adore the new sweater! The Santa giraffe is pretty darn cute, too.

    Just watched my favorite Christmas movie for the first time this season: It’s a Wonderful Life. So now I’m in the Christmas spirit, at least a bit more than I was. So seeing your seasonal goodies makes me even happier now. 🙂


  2. You are loved and have such great friends. And, oh, chocolate martinis! I’ve never had that version but I had a very dark chocolatey martini in Las Vegas a while back that tasted like more. It would taste even better in that elegant martini glass.


  3. Chocolatinis rule! I miss those. Glad to see you got some great gifts.

    I miss two day work weeks. I have no idea if I’ll ever have one of those again.


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