Lights, Camera, Action: X-mas 2021: Etc. Etc.

This is it folks – the final decoration post. (You’re Welcome!) The last two decorated areas of the house are the Back Porch and the Basement. Both are areas we frequent regularly, so I like a bit of holiday decor in each, although we don’t go all out like we do the other rooms.

Just a touch of holiday. Sorry about the plastic…it’s our “snow barrier” and this was a very windy day on which I chose to take pictures.
As if this tree could exist and we would not own it. It lights up at night for a bit more holiday cheer.
The pre-lit superhero tree stays up year round, but I put out the peanuts holiday stuff along the ledge and, of course, the extra Charlie Brown tree.

That’s it folks. No more nauseating decoration posts. Stay safe, all.

10 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action: X-mas 2021: Etc. Etc.

  1. But of course you have the rainbow tree! I love it. I also like that you keep the superhero tree up all year. I have enjoyed seeing your decorated home. It is almost as lovely as the two fellows who decorated it.


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