Lights, Camera, Action: X-mas 2021 Kitchen

The kitchen has to remain functional, so we don’t go as all out as we did with the other rooms. The (obvious) theme here is Snowmen.

View from the Living Room.
It’s hard to lose use of this table for the season, but I love our two-level Snowman scene.
The rug is new this year (bought after the first one turned out to be a coaster.)
View from the back door.(Ignore my finger.)
The counter gets a touch of X-mas, too.

It’s just waiting for me to bake some gluten free cookies and breads for the holidays.

14 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action: X-mas 2021 Kitchen

  1. Is that the too small rug there in front of the snowmen salt and pepper shakers? Nice that you were able to use it in the kitchen even if not as a rug. The rug looks good, too. That’s a lot of snowmen! It all looks marvelous.

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  2. WOW , you guys really do get into it…even Christmas curtains!!!!! Since I won’t be home much, I scaled way back on my decorating this year. Killed me to not do my full tree, but could see spending the hours on it since Ill only be home two weekends. Ill share pictures soon.

    Yours is nice and festive.

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  3. Hi. I have been absent from the blogosphere for quite a while. I just went back and read all of your posts since your operation to catch up on what you are doing. I am glad to see that you have recuperated well. Your house looks absolutely beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I am so happy that you are feeling better.

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