Lights, Camera, Action: X-mas 2021 Dining Room

Today we view the Dining Room decor. There is a LOT going on here, so I’ve done multiple shots. please excuse the mystery photographer in the Green Lantern shirt!

View from the Living Room.
Curio #1 Lit (Peanuts and Xmas dishes – sorry for the crooked plate.)
Curio #1 Unlit
Curio #1 top of cabinet
View from the front window side
Peanuts Place – this replaces Reindeer Way, and the canvas print is new. (I LOVE it.)
Curio # 2 Lit (Peanuts and favorite Cocktail glasses)
Curio # 2 Unlit
Curio # 2 top of cabinet
Peanuts Tree with Snoopies galore (many move and play music.)
Curio # 3 Lit (Rankin Bass Pieces)
Curio # 3 Unlit
The Bar with cherished Reindeer cocktail glasses. (That snoopy plays music and shakes his head.)
Isle of Misfit Plushes Stairway
View from the stairway
Personal Ornament tree with Mooseknuckle Junction at base
Front window with mini TVs – Peanuts (L) and Rudolph (R) scenes (both light up, rotate and play music.)
Merman Tree – this is up year round, but we added Santa hats for the holidays.
This space is new so we’re still playing with it. I have 2 more of the red and white holly cotton branches coming to make it look fuller.
View from the back wall

I love how this room looks and wouldn’t change a thing, except I want to replace curio # 3 with a new curio that has recessed lighting and opens from the front instead of the side, like this one does.

15 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action: X-mas 2021 Dining Room

  1. You’re right. There’s a LOT going on in this room. Isle of misfit plushes stairway is hilarious. Your David statue looks a lot better endowed than I recall from pictures of the original. Love the merfolk tree. I mean, there’s so much here to comment on!


  2. Wow! Your place looks amazing.

    Am I the only one here starting to wonder if Mistress Maddie is going to offer you a job doing this soon?


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