We had our first snow of the year yesterday. Not a lot of snow, but it stuck and froze, so our lawn is now a solid slick sea of white. Pretty, but treacherous.

Today, we had our first guest in I don’t know how long. Our friend Mark came for brunch. The Brunch Menu consisted of:

Fresh Fruit Salad (purchased)
GF Chocolate Donut Holes (purchased)
GF Biscotti (purchased)
Spinach Salad with Walnuts, Craisins, and Blue Cheese Crumbles (purchased)
Bacon, Egg, Sausage and Cheese Cups with Chives (homemade)
Cinnamon Cake (homemade)
French Toast Bake (homemade)
Egg Nog (purchased)
Mamosas (homemade)

It was a nice (and delicious) little spread, if I do say so myself. Conversation was light, laughter was plentiful, and it was a great visit. I have missed being a host and seeing friends.

After brunch, we said good-bye to Mark and headed out into the brisk winter air to my Mom’s to drop off some items and say a quick hello. Then we returned home to watch movies in front of the fire. Today’s triple feature was Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 (starring Andrew Garfield) and A Nightmare Before Christmas.

We decided to skip an official dinner, and opted for grazing on various leftovers from Thanksgiving, Brunch, supplemented by a random assortment of snacks and food items.

Yet another enjoyable and normal day. If this keeps up, I just might get used to being happy and healthy again.

Stay safe, all.

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