Test Drive

With Jeffrey off today for the long holiday weekend, we decided I needed to do a trial outing to build up my confidence leaving the house with my new equipment. To make it more exciting, we headed to one of my favorite stores – Hallmark – to check out their current Christmas stuff. The trip was successful, but did cause me some pain…in the pocketbook.

I grabbed this little addition to my Jim Shore Peanuts Christmas Collection:

Santa Snoopy, hurry down my chimney tonight.

Then I grabbed this out of season one, too:

Without Linus, it’s just the pretty good pumpkin.

There was a cool non-holiday item purchase, as well:

Elastigirl from the Incredibles.

When we got home, I found these two shirts waiting for me in the mail:

Super Gay Giraffe?
Anyone besides Robzilla get this one?

It’s amazing we got out of the house at all, considering I started the day “puppy trapped” by Harvey:

Could you move him?

Tonight, I cooked dinner for the first time since my surgery, then we watched a movie in front of the fire.

It was a great (and normal) day, indeed.

Stay safe, all!

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