Yesterday was a big (and surprising) mail day.

First, I received this surprise gift in the mail from Danny. (Danny, are you a blogger or reader? Please let me know. It was such a fun and thoughtful gift.) A pair of socks with the lovely faces of me and my spouse sprawled across them. Now, the only people walking all over us will be me. Thank you, Danny.

Talk about playing footsy with your SO!

I also got the Snowman kitchen towels and mitts I had ordered, to go with our for-the-holidays snowman themed kitchen decor.

I found a cute snowman rug, at the same time, that I thought would go great, too…

It was so cheap, how could I resist?

Unfortunately, I mis-read the description and thought it was 5 feet around, not 5 inches….oops! (That explains the really low price, ha ha!)

Doesn’t quite fill the space as expected, eh?

All those deliveries must have tired out poor Rita Mae, as she was already sacked out on the sofa by 2pm yesterday.

Dog tired!

It was not quite the relaxing day I had planned, as I got caught up in little projects around the house, so today I will make up for that with a full day of relaxation and rest. (I hope.)

7 thoughts on “Deliverance

  1. I love all the Christmas stuff and the socks. But, oh that rug!!! You should order 7 more to better fill the space… or maybe as a set of coasters. I had a friend who ordered a Mission-style table he fell in love with online. It wasn’t cheap either — brilliantly crafted. For a doll’s house!


  2. Love the socks. Love the snowmen. I have snowman dinnerware I use from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day. But that little tiny rug made me chuckle. I’ve ordered many things with misreading the size information. Whoops!


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