Surgical staples came out this morning and all look goods. I have been approved to return to work December 9th (I’m still working from home full time), so I have another 2 weeks of recovery before rejoining the rat race. (I pressed for returning next Monday but my surgeon would not approve it.)

I have plenty to keep me busy: a crochet project; presents to wrap; holiday cards to send; gluten free baking to do; crossword puzzles; jigsaw puzzles; comic books to read. But, for today, I’m taking the rest of the day off to relax with the puppies and just enjoy the decorations, light, and music of the season.

16 thoughts on “De-stapled

  1. Wonderful! Glad they’re out. Did you also have to have that clear surgical-grade tape to cover things? My skin reacts to that stuff terribly. I’ve never had staples.

    Enjoy your downtime! I hope the recovery is getting easier so you can perhaps enjoy the perks more than suffer the after effects. Much love to you, Jeffrey, and the pups.


  2. You never cease to amaze me!! I have to believe you are way ahead on the recovery schedule.
    So glad your home is decorated and that you can enjoy it. Now if you can just relax….Take the time to recover fully. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving continuing to be surrounded by the love you deserve!!


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