Feeling the love

It has been a roller-coaster of a recovery so far, starting out good but taking a nose dive quickly. After a very stressful and traumatic first week home that nearly broke me, things turned around with the assistance of a very caring and compassionate home nurse, and I am finally at a point mentally, physically, and emotionally that I am starting to believe I can do this. (Not that I have a choice, mind you.)

Despite the difficult moments of the past 2 weeks, there were some bright spots and moments of joy.

When I got home from the hospital, I discovered the BFJ had come to the house (from CT) for 3 days and decorated my house for Christmas, knowing I would be unable to do so on my own, due to my limitations during recovery. Jeffrey had all the lights on and holiday music playing to welcome me home. I was surprised and beside myself with gratitude. ( I promised no pictures until after Thanksgiving.) It looks beautiful.

A day two after returning home, I received a new recovery buddy in the mail from long time reader and friend Glen. I named him Glenjamin (aka Glen) for obvious reasons. I love the little guy to pieces.

I also received these beautiful flowers from my my co-workers.

Then, this past weekend, I received a care package – a bag of activities to keep me entertained from my husband’s co-worker and her wife (whom we’ve become friends with over the years.)

While the gifts themselves are fantastic, it’s the warmth that comes from knowing friends are thinking of me and wishing me well that tugs at my heart strings.

So I’ll just say to them all: thanks for making a rough two weeks a little less so with your thoughtfulness. It means a lot.

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