Homeward Bound

Yesterday was an unremarkable day at St. Elsewhere, until I got a surprise visit from the Hubby and the BFJ.

No chocolates? No flowers? I’m appalled!

It was a wonderful surprise and a great visit. My heart overflows….

After their visit, the boys went out to dinner. (How rude!) Jim stayed the night at the house, and sent me a hello from one of my guest room giraffe buddies, Gimble (aka “Gimme.”)

Gimme says “Hi” from Giraffe Towers!

To my great shock and even greater thrill, I found out this morning that I am going home today. I fully expected to be here until next Friday but, apparently, I’m kicking-ass on the recuperating front and they can’t see any reason to keep me here longer. Once home, I will likely be blogger-in-absentia for a while as I devote all my time and energy to cuddling the hell out of my dogs and husband to make up for lost time. *smirk*

Rita and Harvey struggling to contain their excitement that I’m coming home.

Thanks for letting me share this part of my journey with you all, and for all the words of encouragement and support. It really did help me feel less alone through the whole ordeal. I know there’s still plenty of adjustment and work ahead of me to finish healing and getting used to my new life as an ostomate, but I know that being home is crucial to my healing and physical and mental well-being.

And honestly, I doubt I’d survive too many more of these hospital “meals”. (How do you screw up toast?)

Stay safe, all.

9 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. Very excited for your good news re: healing and going home. You are an amazing man!! Glad you had some visitors and soon you will be in the arms/cuddles of all who love you.
    Take care. Wishing you more of the rapid road to recovery!


  2. Oh wow! Going home already! That’s fantastic news. I wish you all the best in your recovery, and hope the sweet pups go easy on your surgical site. Good grief, excited dogs sometimes aren’t too careful where they bounce. But I know you’re thrilled to see them again, too. Stay safe!


  3. They let you eat toast?? Did they have to render it into a clear liquid first?

    When I am struggling to contain my excitement I too take naps. Otherwise the anxiety/anticipation gets overwhelming.

    It is so good you are getting out of hospital. I understand why we need hospitals but I don’t like them much.


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