Ready or not

A lovely get well bouquet from a thoughtful friend.

Today’s the big day. Not sure I’m ready for it. But it’s happening none-the-less.

I spent last night Face-Timing with the hubby, then the BFJ, and laughed a lot. It was a great distraction. I got some sleep, and now I’m just killing time in my room until the flurry of pre-surgery visits and prep start. Surgery time is somewhere between 1:00 and 4:00. I just hope it doesn’t get bumped to another day for some reason. I’m mentally prepared to do this today.

I’m on NPO orders since midnight, so no food or drink for me today. I don’t really mind, but I don’t have a breakfast or lunch tray delivery to look forward to. (When you’ve been in one room for 5 days with limited mobility, every little event is exciting.)

I will be losing my private room after surgery and will wake up in a shared room on another floor for post-surgical patients. I’m bummed about that. I will miss the luxury of a private space and the wonderful nurses I’ve grown attached to during this stay. Oh well. What I won’t miss is “Help Lady” down the hall, who has been yelling “Help” all day and night every day since I arrived. As I’m sure you can imagine, that’s not the easiest thing to listen to constantly.

It’s weird to think how common and normal hospital stays and experiences are to me, when there are people who have never even been in one. Some day I’ll have to do a “Hospital Stay for Dummies”post and share all the fun things you experience as a patient.

On a more pleasant side note – I was surprised to see an unusually large deposit in our bank account this morning. It’s Payday for us (normally bi-weekly on Wednesdays, but we get it a day early on Tuesday because we use direct deposit.) Then I remembered today’s paycheck includes 3 years of raises and retro-pay that my union negotiated in the last contract. That was a really nice surprise. I know money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy me those few remaining Kenner Super Power DC Comics Action Figures I want. Which, now that I think about it, would make me really happy. So maybe money can buy happiness after all 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ready or not

  1. Congrats on the extra money, and yes it can buy happiness. Having money in the bank bought me security, which in itself brings happiness as I try to live my life.

    Good luck today, and I’m glad you no longer have to be with the Help Lady any longer.


  2. Money can’t buy happiness? It can buy Kenner Super Power DC Comics Action Figures. And that sounds like happiness to me (at least for you). Thinking of you and looking forward to hearing from you again when you’re feeling so much better!


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