Home (Awful) Office

Since I’m just killing time at the hospital until they gut me (or de-gut me?) for the umpteenth time tomorrow, I worked remotely today from my temporary “home office.”

This was my new temp office:

This was my new temp view:

This was my new temp work attire:

Honestly, between the beeping IV, various tangling cords, pre-op medical visitors, and noises from the other patients and medical staff (despite my door being shut,) it was a little stressful working from here today and I don’t hope to do it again any time soon.

I think my surgery is in the afternoon tomorrow (I’ve been given no definitive time yet, but “around 4:00” has been mentioned a couple times) so I may squeeze in a final post tomorrow if anything occurs to me to post. Otherwise, I will probably be gone for a week or two, as I don’t imagine I’ll be doing much typing or activity at all for the next 7-10 days, post-op.

Thank you all for your well wishes and concern. I really appreciate it.

Stay safe, all.


14 thoughts on “Home (Awful) Office

  1. Ah, my dear. Looks like a relatively comfy set-up to me, interruptions notwithstanding. Not much of a view from your window, but at least you get some natural light.
    I find those hospital gowns to be some of the most comfortable loungewear, as long as the ties aren’t too tight in back, and I don’t have to get up, lest anyone see my “rear” view.


  2. Hey Sean, Just wanted to let you know that you will be in my thoughts tomorrow and on your road to recovery. Wishing you success and a rapid move to less pain and fast healing. I hope that you will not have to return to the hospital again for a LONG time. Such dedication to work at the hospital. Does that mean the work days continue to diminish until retirement? I am anxious to hear that you can drink Cosmos again!! Hugs to you


  3. I was just glancing at my blogger reader as the Lad is driving, and I was heart broken to read this. But if this way you can carry on, it will mean you can get on with your life. I will keep you in my thoughts and as usual, send you healing, peaceful and comforting vibe for a nice recovery.



  4. Sending you gentle hugs and wishing you an easy surgery and recovery. May you feel much better when this is done. Looking forward to seeing your SMILING face again soon, but if you’re not ready to smile, still looking forward to seeing your handsome face!


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