Leafing Fall behind

Spring, Summer, and Fall in the Northeast seem to get shorter every year, and Winter seems to come sooner and stay longer. Or maybe I’m just older and sicklier so the cold and dark bother me more. However, before the cold fingers of Jack Frost and Killer Frost wrap around our scrawny little upstate New York neck, we have been able to enjoy a few surprisingly warmer days. On the way home the other day, I was able to catch this view of the multi-colored foliage. (I apologize for the over filtering, but I really wanted to bring out the range of colors, which did not show up well in my initial iPhone pic):

A very pretty view, indeed.

5 thoughts on “Leafing Fall behind

  1. I miss seeing Fall colors. Sadly, I won’t see them for another month if I go by how things were in my old ‘hood. Thanks for sharing this pic.


  2. Lovely! There is ONE tree that I’ve seen (or noticed, anyway) in our neighborhood that’s turning pretty colors, and I can see it from my kitchen window. It’s on the street behind ours. I’ll be sad when it finally loses all its leaves. I hope you can enjoy a warm and healthy winter. And by “warm” I mean warm inside and not so terribly cold outside.


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