November 2021

Rabbit! Rabbit!

Here we are, the 1st of November, just 2 months left of 2021. Wow!

We’ve already enjoyed several roaring fires in our wood burning fireplace in the living room, but were disheartened when we were unable to light the pilot in our bedroom’s gas fireplace. We have a call in to the company that installed it, but their earliest available servicing date is November 30th. Bummer!

Today officially begins “Operation : X-Mas Vomit” here in Sassyland. We have already placed 3 pencil trees in their spots, and put the bear tree in the bear bathroom. Nothing is decorated, just placed. It’s earlier than we’ve ever started (normally not until a week before or the day after Thanksgiving, depending on if we are home or in CT for Turkey Day) but we have some reconfiguring to do with furniture and decor so I need time to put things up and move them around. What used to take me two days will now likely take me 1-2 weeks, as I do a little bit at a time. I promise not to post any pics until after Thanksgiving.

The BFJ was here for the weekend and we had a lovely visit, which makes up for my tragic pain induced visit to CT from three weeks ago. Speaking of which, my health remains stable for the 3rd week in a row – my longest stretch of health since January of this year. (Yay!)

In further lame news:

I get my flu shot this morning at a nearby
pharmacy. It will be a relief to have that done
and out of the way for the year. I have a small crochet project I’m working on; I’ve won a few auctions on eBay for a couple of comic books I needed and am on the hunt for a few more: We have a plumber coming this week to replace our leaky faucets in the master bathroom; I discovered Dawn dish soap is great for cleaning hard water stains off our glass shower door; I’m still in a pickle consuming frenzy; My dogs grow more precious every day; and Jeffrey is still here, so I guess I’m doing something right in my marriage.

That’s about all the news for now. No big plans for November, other than decorating for the remaining 2021 holidays.

Stay safe, all!

8 thoughts on “November 2021

  1. The way you decorate, that’s a big plan for November.
    Good luck with your flu shot. Got mine last Friday. My arm didn’t even get sore until last night, and at that it isn’t very sore. I get my Covid vaccine booster shot next Friday. Are you getting/have you gotten a Covid vaccine booster?


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