Happy Halloween 2021!

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, we are once again not handing out candy this year as we’ve decided it’s too much risky exposure for our comfort levels. Instead, our house will remain dark, although we’ll likely watch a favorite Halloween movie or two to celebrate the day.

However, pre-COVID, old age, and declining health, we weren’t always fun-less fudd-duddies and, to prove it, here’s a small sampling of the Messrs. Sassybears in all their costumey goodness over the years:

10 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2021!

  1. These are a riot. I didn’t dress up much back then, but have in recent years for our favorite restaurant’s Halloween dinner. Maybe next year (nothing again this year, thanks to Covid) I should go as Wonder Woman or Miss Kitty (or whatever saloon floozy you were supposed to be),


    • That was actually at one of those old-time photo places in Rehoboth Beach, DE. We went with a group of bloggers during a “Bloggerpalooza” weekend, organized by friend and fellow blogger Ron over at “Retired in Delaware.” It was a blast!


  2. Happy Halloween boys! I think my favorite is the Green Lanterns.

    Well, we have tricks or treats here, but I will put out a basket of popcorn balls and Ghirardelli squares with a sign that reads Please help yourself. I’m sure the parents will like this better then me sitting outside like Karen Walker last year, pouring gin into the kiddies pumpkins. Our borough is also judging the scarecrows made by residents tonight, that had been tied to lamp posts to be judged. Its a cute tradition. They supply everything, and you just drop off your scarecrow with theme when completed to the township building then they display them for three weeks.


    • That sounds like fun. Normally we would dress up the dogs, have my Mom over to hand out candy, and enjoy a Halloween movie with cocktails, but last year and this year we hid out for health reasons. Hopefully we can get back to giving out candy next year, one way or another.


  3. Nice try, but you are not fooling us with the hippie “costumes”. As if that is not daily wear at the Casa de Sassy.

    I like the Wonder Twins getup! Did you have the uniforms custom-made?


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