We upgraded to a new phone this week. We used to upgrade every 2 years, but we waited 4 years his time. My favorite new feature is text recognition with the camera. It recognizes texts in images and allows you to copy and paste it into other documents and programs. This is hugely helpful for me, because I collect recipes from all over the interwebs, often by screen shot, since many apps and sites won’t let you copy and paste, and I had to retype them manually into my recipe section of my Notes app. What a time saver this new feature is.

Here are some photos taken with the new and improved camera. I am not a photographer, and probably don’t use my phone cam features properly to get the best shots, but I do play around with settings to see what they do.

I don’t even know what color my beard is any more.
My unwilling model.
Maybe more willing than I thought?
Girl is giving me mad-profile.
A little seasonal decor for the mantle.
My new bedside wireless charging station – charges my iPhone, earbuds and Apple watch. (I think I like the new charger more than the new phone.)

8 thoughts on “Phoney

  1. We both bought iPhone 8s when they were new. Maybe it’s time. Text recognition would be amazingly useful. That girl should be a professional model. Cute selfie. My beard usually looks white in photos. But it’s black and white in person… although, OK!, mostly white. Yours has beautiful color


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