My weekend visit in CT with the BFJ ended abruptly and painfully, thanks to another kink in the bowels. Jeffrey had to come pick me up in CT in the wee hours Sunday morning because I was in too much pain to drive.

Fortunately, my GI was able to get me in last Monday for the same procedure that helped me just 2 weeks ago, which worked again (thankfully) and I have spent the week slowly recovering.

Deja Vu!
Maybe I should get one of these permanently installed.

Recovery takes longer and longer after these episodes, but as long as I am improving, I guess that’s all that matters.

My emotional support and comfort companions hard at work.

I have a consult with my surgeon this Monday to discuss options for preventing this recurring mechanical failure, if any exist. If he has no ideas, my GI will refer me to specialist at either the Mayo or Cleveland Clinic.

Not the most restful time away from work, I’m afraid. Bummer, that.

7 thoughts on “Stank-cation

  1. You have been in my thoughts all week. I was worried that something was wrong. I am so sorry for all the pain and interruption in your life (and what was supposed to be a fun get away). Glad you are on the mend now and hope that you get some good answers from the doc.
    Hugs and concern from Wisconsin


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