I’m Possible

Tonight I made “Impossible Taco Pie” for dinner (does anyone know why it’s called “Impossible?”) although iMessage auto-corrected it to “I’m possible” when I texted my husband to tell him what I was making. I like that more empowering, affirming label, so I’m going to start calling it “I’m Possible Taco Pie” from now on.

Of course, we HAD to have margaritas with it!

This was only the first of…more.

This weekend we celebrate the husband’s 54th cycle around the sun, so there may be more food and drink in our future.

Stay safe, y’all!

9 thoughts on “I’m Possible

  1. Happy Birthday Jeffrey!!
    Is the impossible pie the one where you put the crust batter in first, then add the rest of the ingredients on top of it? If so, it’s called “impossible” because as it cooks, the crust rises to the top. I believe it’s a Bisquick thing. No, wait, I just looked up. You pour the batter on top of the rest of the ingredients and it sinks to the bottom as it cooks. OK, whatever. Anyway, sounds like fun. Y’all have a great birthday weekend! Love you both.


  2. Happy Birthday, Jeffrey!!!

    That recipe reminds me of Taco In A Bag. I saw it on TV in Calgary, Alberta of all places. You get one of those Big Grab Doritos bags, break up the chips so they’re smaller pieces, then add seasoned meat, diced tomatoes, sour cream, and any other toppings you like on your tacos.

    Hmm… that gives me an idea for next week.


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