Roll Call, Retail Therapy, Repairs, and Relatives

I updated my Blog Roll to the right with the blogs I currently follow. (Should I be following you too? Let me know in the comments.) I also added a count down to my retirement in 2026.

We had breakfast on our porch yesterday morning, at our little bistro table bought for just such an occasion. I made Canadian Bacon, Egg, and Cheese English Muffin sandwiches, served with a side of bacon, orange juice, and coffee. Yum!

Seating limited – reservations required!

We installed the second rolling shelf in our bottom cabinet opposite the one we installed last week. I’m very pleased.

Wok and grill tools to the left; dog food and treats to the right.

I purchased and assembled a new adjustable stool to use while playing trombone. Woohoo!

Best seat in the house for my one man brass concerts!

I got some new super swag!

My new Green Lantern Apple watch band.

My new Action figures, purchased from a newly discovered local comic book store:

I repaired a Spider-Man ornament that fell and broke in 3 places when I had to move my superhero ornament tree in order to clean up the water in my basement. Gorilla Glue works great for such repairs.

Both feet and right arm successfully re-attached.

Jeffrey’s cousins in Mississippi (my only in-laws to ever reach out to me and welcome me into his family) sent us this adorable crocheted rainbow giraffe, with this really cute letter:

Little Rainbow Ralphie
Vicki is Jeffrey’s cousin; Monty is her husband.
Ralphie with the rest of the crochet clan.

And that’s our weekend so far.(We have two more days off.)

Stay safe, all.

5 thoughts on “Roll Call, Retail Therapy, Repairs, and Relatives

  1. LOL!! Ralphie (Fred?) is adorable, as is, of course, the letter.
    I assume you have gluten free English muffins? I’ve been making egg and cheese English muffin sandwiches recently. They can be so good! Getting the yolk cooked just right is the trick. Last one I made was a bit more toward over-well than over-medium as I prefer. Probably just need more practice.
    So guess where Superman is this weekend – Dragon Con in Atlanta! His brother Dan Jolley is an author who has written for many comics over the years. I think he does more books and video games now, but he goes to the comic conventions and Clint has been going with him recently to help man the table. Yes, my Superman is a booth babe! Dan often sits on panel discussions, so Clint is there to keep the booth going. He’s been sending some great cosplay pictures.
    Have a great Labor Day!


  2. I can only imagine how many baby giraffes must show up on your front porch. If you aren’t careful you are going to get a reputation.

    On another note, apparently you only have 3.8 giraffe gestation periods until you can retire.


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