Weekend Warrior Queens*

(* A nod, of course, to our much missed Warrior Queen, AM!)

This weekend, we got busy with many projects.

Project #1: We installed a new rolling tray in one of our our bottom kitchen cabinets, so items placed in it would be more accessible for two old, 50+ men who are no longer spry enough to drop to our knees and pop back up again (get your minds out of the gutter) without great effort, let alone crawl halfway into a kitchen cabinet to get a wok, bag of flour, or what have you.

I upped my butch factor by using the following tools:

Hand drill, for drilling those deep holes!
Torque screwdriver for burying the screws.

I may have lost a few points using my pink “Tools for Her Kit”

FYI: When I rented my first apartment (in 1990 something,) my Mom found a pink tool kit advertised as “Tools For Her” which she thought would be a funny gift since I was gay. Turns out, that tool kit came in quite handy, and I used it until the case fell apart and various pieces were lost during my many moves. (I still have a few of the tools from that kit.) I missed it so much that I found a similar kit a few years back (thankfully no longer marketed as “Tools For Her”) and bought it, so this is my second pink tool kit. It is such a handy, compact, portable kit, and we still use it regularly to this day. But, it will always be my “Tools For Her” kit in my mind.

This was the rolling drawer we successfully installed:

It was easy to install and works great, so we will be getting another one to install in the bottom cabinet on the other side of the fridge.

Project # 2: We planted 4 Catmint plants in the front yard and 1 Hydrangea in the back yard.

3 Little Catmints, all in a row.

Hopefully the Catmints will grow up to look like this….

…and absorb all that extra water that keeps finding it’s way into our basement.

Project #3: I assembled an additional, small, desk for my personal laptop that creates an “L” shaped workspace in the basement or me during the day.

Now I can be studious AND slack at the same time.

Project #4: We hung my Alex Ross Green Lantern poster on the inside of the basement door, which is the entrance to my office, comic book room, and additional TV lounge area.

In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my basement!

Project #5: We made some make shift shelves to add to my display space in the basement. I was looking at the back wall display shelves and couldn’t help noticing all the wasted dead space.

Arrows denote where I thought we could create extra display surfaces.

In a moment of inspiration, we popped over to Homo Depot and grabbed two 6′ x 1′ planks and some black spray paint. After getting them home, we cut the planks down to 5.5′ and spray painted them black:

After they were fully dried, I placed one under the bottom, and one on the top of, the top shelf unit and – VOILA! – More display space!

Guess I’ll need more toys to fill up that extra space!

A pretty productive weekend, if I do say so myself.

10 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior Queens*

  1. Looks like a productive weekend.
    “…no evil shall escape my basement!” made me cackle.
    A few years ago Superman put sliding shelves of that nature into our kitchen cabinets, and it has made all the difference. Good show, gentlemen!


  2. Oh, how butch!
    I like the aesthetics of the “Tools for Her” set but I generally find that I need more wrenches than that. As it stands my (decidedly non-butch) collection of tools is a mishmash, just like everything else in my life.


  3. I love everything you did there! I didn’t know those types of rolling drawers existed. I don’t need one yet, but I may need one someday.

    I don’t see anything wrong with pink tools unless they’re inferior in quality to the regular ones. That would tick me off. Then again, I don’t see DeWalt or Craftsman making anything outside of their regular colors.


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