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It’s been a long week so far. I’ve had some gut issues…not severe enough to be alarmed, but enough to make me uncomfortable sitting up all day and tire me out by the end of my work day. At times like this, I am so extra grateful I get to just go upstairs (my office is in the basement) and collapse onto the sofa or bed and not have to drive for an hour to get home.

So, what’s new here? Notta lotta.

I got this complete collection of Super Friends figure sets in one fell swoop on eBay. Each box includes a Super Friend and one of their adversaries from the Legion of Doom. Very excited. I wish they hadn’t discontinued making them, as there are many characters missing from both sides (hero and villain) but at least I now have all the ones that were produced.

I can practically hear the theme song playing.

I also purchased this Ninja IQ personal mini blender. We love our Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Grill so much, I decided to stick with the same brand for this item. Blended smoothies and juices can be a good friend to IBD sufferers, and I’m tired of pulling out my full size blender to blend individual servings. I’ve done a few trial runs and it works great, just like the grill. I’m very happy with it.

Very sleek and shiny!
A blended Blueberry Tom Collins (with extra blueberries)

We had some more water seepage in our basement this week. This is the second time this summer. After a heavy rain, a small puddle collects on the floor, so far in the same spot both times. Our basement has been bone dry (no evidence of any water damage, leakage, or seepage) for 9 years, but now that we’ve had it refinished, it’s decided to start acting up. We suspect it’s a combination of the massive amount of rainfall we’ve gotten this summer, over-saturating the ground, and the removal of the two huge bushes from in front of the wall where the seepage is occurring, leaving a void where water absorbing plants used to be. We have already ordered smaller water sucking bushes to plant in the same spot, but will likely have to have the area of the wall where the seepage has occurred removed, examined, waterproofed, and replaced, to prevent mold. It’s a small amount (at least what we see on the inside) but it’s still a major pain in in the arse and quite disappointing.

We FINALLY located a lawn guy to mow our lawn. We’ve called multiple people/businesses over the last year or so and not a single person called us back. He’s someone who lives in our neighborhood and advertised on the local neighborhood page on Facebook. He seems very nice and happy to have the job so here’s hoping he works out.

Last but not least, I set up a “permanent rehearsal spot” in my basement comic book room to leave my Trombone and stand out, in the hopes it will encourage me to start playing more. While I have not felt up to playing it this week (thanks stupid guts,) I am excited to crack open my music books and start playing again soon. You just haven’t heard “Row Row Row Your Boat” until you’ve heard it played on a trombone!

I’ll have a captive audience of super-pets to cheer me on.

Question: Do any of my readers play a musical instrument (now or in the past?) Are there any that would like (or plan) to learn?

8 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Congrats on the Super Friends figures hunt. Do you plan on keeping them in the box, or are you going to display them in a case like the GL figures?

    I like what you’re doing with the trombone. I loved playing an electronic organ when I was a kid, but I only did that while attending a magnet school in fourth grade. I’ve thought about buying an inexpensive one I could put on a portable stand, but I have no idea when or how often I’d try to play it.


  2. LOL @ Row, Row, Row played on trombone. I never played an instrument, not really. Took a couple of semesters of piano lessons in college way back when, but not for long enough to actually retain any of that information.

    I am interested in learning a foreign language though, either Spanish or French (I can’t decide) but haven’t done anything about making that happen.

    I hope your wet basement situation gets better!


  3. Sucks about your guts and the basement seepage.

    In middle and high school I played the baritone and the tuba. I kind of wish I had not given it up, even though I was never very good. I have vague urges to play the flute so I can be a rock star like Ian Anderson, but this is just another stupid urge.


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