Colors around Casa Del Sassy

Hanging plants that are thriving with all the rain we’re getting.
Our first crop of apples from our apple tree.
A couple roses blossoming on the rose bushes we planted this summer.
Roses from the bushes we planted when we first moved in 9 years ago.
Wild flowers from the seeds we planted this year.
Our new matching green hassocks.
Our first batch of bacon made in our new Ninja Foodi Air Fryer.
Day Lillies in our front yard.
Our modern pride flag.
Yesterday’s lunch – French Onion Soup.

10 thoughts on “Colors around Casa Del Sassy

  1. I love these pictures! I’ve always wanted pink and purple flowers at my place but with our drought nothing’s going to grow out here much longer.

    How did the bacon turn out in the Ninja?


  2. Oh if Dr Spo sees that French Onion Soup he will be so jealous. You had better hide that picture from him.

    How much do you have to babysit that apple tree? It is laden with fruit!


  3. Your flowers are so pretty. I don’t have any flowers. The French Onion Soup looks delicious as it is my favorite soup.


    • Thanks. I literally just scattered a bunch of wild flower seeds around the yard and let nature take its course. The rose bushes were planted, though. FOS is my all time favorite, as well.


  4. It all looks so idyllic – a home to be actively proud of and can safely be bragged about.
    As for the bacon, can’t help but visualise the two little-uns looking up and smacking their lips. I’ve got every confidence they had at least a little bite, yes? 🙂


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