Sassybear buys some pasta*

(*Blog post topic and title loving swiped from this guy.)

I bought some pasta.

A friend suggested I try this pasta from Zenb that she had recently tried and loved, so I ordered some and it arrived yesterday. Per the company’s website, it is “made from 100% yellow peas with the same delicious taste and texture as traditional pasta.”

We love pasta, and it is one of the few remaining foods I can consistently eat without issue (so long as it’s gluten free.) We are fine with any of the store bought GF options, but I’m always happy to give new GF products a try.

I enjoy all the different sauces with pasta but tend to default to spaghetti, shrimp or chicken alfredo, or shrimp scampi, when I’m whipping up a pasta baked dinner. So, tonight I’ll branch out and make baked ziti instead, with the Penne pasta, and see how it goes.

I’ll have to do some research and see if I can find some new pasta recipes for the other two.

7 thoughts on “Sassybear buys some pasta*

  1. Plant-based pasta? Isn’t most pasta plant-based? I am sure some degenerate has come up with Bacon Pasta, but I doubt it is common.

    If you are discussing this pasta verbally with others, I recommend not announcing it is made of Yellow Pea.


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