On Order:

As you may recall from a recent post, we previously began redecorating our living room by purchasing new furniture, new drapes, and a new area rug. All these items are various shades of brown. To add a pop of color, we have accent pillows in 3 colors: terra cotta, mustard, and sage.

Not actually arranged this way…just grouped for the photo. The afghan the BFJ made me for Xmas last year (in “Bear Pride” colors) goes perfectly with the room, don’t you think?

We also purchased some magnetic braided curtain ties that allow us to easily cinch our curtains to let light in while giving us a more decorative look.

The bay window behind the sofa.I used bronze shower curtain loops to connect the tops of the curtains together through their grommets to prevent them from spreading.

We are still waiting on the delivery of 2 small matching sage green recliners that will go in front of the front window with a small table, and a sage footstool, all of which should arrive this week. Then the living room makeover will be complete. I love the new look…so much warmer and cozier than the previous dark leather look.

Super Sized Order:

I am waiting for the delivery of 3 more Kenner Super Power action figures I purchase on eBay – Lex Luthor, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman. Additionally, I ordered some small clear display stands that allegedly work well with these figures so I can stand them up on display. Finally, I purchased a decent copy of issue # 6 of the Green Lantern comic book series I am trying to complete. Just 3 issues to go now: #1, #2, and # 6, then I’ll have all 224 issues. Woohoo!

Order Up:

As my health slowly improves, and I’m able to eat more, I’ve started cooking real meals again. Last night, I stepped way outside of my cooking comfort zone and made Baja fish tacos with Chipotle cream sauce. I didn’t actually have any Chipotle, so I used a combination of Paprika and Cayenne Powder instead. We breaded and fried a variety of seafood we had on hand (tuna steak, tilapia, and shrimp) then placed it on a bed of lettuce in a lightly charred tortilla, topped with the “Chipotle” cream sauce. Not only was I pleasantly surprised out how well it came out, I was shocked that Jeffrey, who is not a big fan of seafood, loved it. This will be added to our meal rotation, going forward.

Following Orders:

My Gastroenterologist has warned me against any and all unnecessary exposure, with the new COVID Delta variant spreading rampantly, and my suppressed immune system, thanks to the Stelara that I take to keep my Crohn’s in check. He assures me, if I’m exposed, I’m likely to contract it and it’s likely to be bad, even with my Pfizer vaccination. So you can imagine my relief that I was not in the office this week, after being notified yesterday that my direct supervisor has contracted COVID. (Maybe her recent trip to Florida was not the best idea?)

Order Cypriniformes +

We ordered a $.99 app on Apple TV today that runs a non-stop rotating Aquarium scene of a variety of fish on our TV. I have it going now with some classical music playing. It’s both beautiful and soothing.

All the visuals without the feeding and cleaning.

And that’s the order of the day.

7 thoughts on “Orders

  1. So thankful that you are able to continue to work from home! Holy cow!
    That dinner sounds delicious. I’m hungry. I have all the ingredients to make falafel and tahini sauce and pita bread, but it’s too late to start on that now, so we’re planning that for tomorrow, probably lunch.

    The aquarium TV app looks like a good idea. I have 2 aquaria, both of which need a bit of cleaning, one of which could use a couple more fish. Why didn’t I think of an app?! But I do like my fishies.

    The sofa and pillows look pretty good. Loving that bear pride afghan!


  2. I love your decorating thus far. And, that is a neat tv app. I wonder if they have hummingbirds. It is good you feel like eating and cooking.


  3. I love the decorations. You reminded me that I need to pick up some accent pillows for my oversized loveseat soon.

    And I’m with Lurker about the direct supervisor getting COVID! I hope no one else in your office rides a Harley and took time off this upcoming week.


  4. One sign of being a good cook is being able to improvise. I’ve gotten really good at that myself. For example I did a stir fry recipe – called for wine but through the agencies of chance I didn’t have any. So chicken stock stood in. Came out delicious.


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